Testimonials | Jas Shennan

Jas Shennan is that rarity: an editor who can teach the hardestparts of editing. A nurturer of young filmmaking talent, a clearpedagogic thinker, a man always on the forefront of moves inpost technology

Michael McLennan, Independent Screen Education Professional

Jas is a highly skilled, talented, reliable and creative editor. Heworks well in a team, loves a challenge and never fails to providea high quality end product. He's also an exceptionally nice blokewhich is why we keep luring him back year after year!

Brooke Bayvel, Executive Producer at Shine Australia

Jas went above and beyond to create well-crafted shows. He cares about story and was instrumental in the overall success of the series.

Ron Carroll, Exec Producer, The Apartment Series 1


Jas is an artist at story telling. He can make material look seamless, smooth and entertaining. If you need a safe pair of hands, a calm head and a wealth of experience in the edit, Jas has that and more.

Michael O’Neill, Post Producer, Location Location Australia

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